“Can I afford this?”

by Briana Barbee, Owner
Elite Hardwood Floors
We get this question a lot: “How expensive will it be to refinish my hardwoods? I haven’t seriously considered it because I don’t think I can afford it right now.”
Refinishing your hardwood floors through Elite are surprisingly affordable, and I’ll tell you why in detail. Read on.
First, we own our equipment and don’t lease, rent or pay a monthly bill — that equals savings for you, the consumer.
Removal of old stain process

Removal of old stain process

Second, we don’t do a lot of fancy advertising. Instead, we rely mostly on word of mouth referrals from you to your friends, family & neighbors. That also equals savings and helps us to build a reliable network of PEOPLE THAT YOU KNOW that have been satisfied with our service.
Also, we’re consumers, too. We support local small business whenever possible. When we have a job that needs to be done and can’t do it ourselves, the first thing we do is ask others in our community for a referral. We buy from our local small hardware stores. We source local hardwood flooring from renovated homes in the area – this is where the wood comes from if your floors are in need of repair.
Finally, and most importantly, we like saving as much as you do on anything we purchase. So, if several rooms in your home need repair or refinishing, Elite will do that at a discount instead of skyrocketing your bill. Our equipment and craftsmen are already on site; why should you pay MORE when utilizing our services?
By Hand Floor Scraping

Hand Floor Scraping

Ready to get an estimate? It’s FREE and there are no strings attached, no obligation to use our services. We just want you to have the best service, at the best price, and done the RIGHT way.
Virgin Floor grain detail

Virgin Floor grain detail

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