“Before” pics are the hardwoods as soon as we pulled up the carpet

“Damaged” is the hallway w/ damaged wood that was improperly reinstalled many years ago. Kenneth had to cut it out and replace w/ local sourced wood from the 50’s.

“Shavings” is the result of shaving the pet stains down by hand.

“Blueridgefloor” is the restoration of floors from 1903 for Blue Ridge Healing Arts Academy. Historical Downtown Concord in the old Paramount Building.

All “removal” pics show the sanding process

“Stain removal” is pet urine stains. Requires significant sanding & patching, depending on severity.

“Heater burn” is damage from a portable heater. Required patching w/ sourced local wood from 1950’s to maintain integrity of flooring.

“Grain detail” & “virgin wood” pics depict wood after sanding, before stain or finish.

All “floor scrape” show Kenneth hand-finishing the edges and corners for a perfect, seamless finish.

“1st coat” ones show two angles of finished floor with polyurethane finish. No stain. Natural wood & grain detail.

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